Destroying My Palette & Turning It Into Paint! 

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HI SISTERS! In today's video, I DESTROYED my palette, turned it into paint, and then painted a picture with it! This was inspired by EmDoesSketches on TikTok and it was an amazing way to repurpose an old product into a new art form. I hope you enjoy this relaxing video, let me know if you like it!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov




5. mar. 2021

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Alice Meyerovich's Channel
That is so good your pianting
Mira Kouva
Mira Kouva Pred uro
Natalie Petero
Natalie Petero Pred 5 urami
!OMG! SISTER your so talented
Sarah Payne
Sarah Payne Pred 6 urami
Your eye will look amaz
Zaniya Junious
Zaniya Junious Pred 10 urami
And James Charles You're Shirt Is on Backward I love your video
Corey Nunley
Corey Nunley Pred 12 urami
I love paintings especially your make up tutorials
Brixxie Pred 14 urami
"im gonnna grab a bigger bruchhh " That got me
It’s Bromxy Edits
It’s Bromxy Edits Pred 17 urami
is it just me or does everyone wish that we had as much talent as James
Emilee Hawkins
Emilee Hawkins Pred 18 urami
James shirt was inside out!!!!!!!
grace Pred 18 urami
i love how i can only draw a stick figure and he can freaking draw an eyeball with eyeshadow paint
Neon Dancing Eva
Neon Dancing Eva Pred 19 urami
Me drawing a eye: wow that is horrible how do u draw ughhhhh James drawing:oh my gosh this is 😌 good Me watching him: WHAT!!!! How does he do that
Manzeka Clody
Manzeka Clody Pred 20 urami
Johnisha Griffin
Johnisha Griffin Pred 21 uro
James, can teach us how to draw a better eyeball like yours.. I’ve been trying to master it and fail numerous of times 😩
Johnisha Griffin
Johnisha Griffin Pred 21 uro
Amazing 😩🥴🥰❤️🥺
Thekisha Chin-Fo-Sieeuw
James I'm really surprised omg I love painting but I never ever draw something like this it's beautiful 😘😘😘
Patrick McConnell
Patrick McConnell Pred 22 urami
I could never do something like this!
Liz Gillies
Liz Gillies Pred 23 urami
It looks like he just woke up
Julene Grace Villar
am i the only one who noticed the shirt-
Nathan Kitten
Nathan Kitten Pred dnevom
It's like a statement piece to bring attention to domestic abuse
Zoey Afton
Zoey Afton Pred dnevom
6:13 Maranda sings is that you?
Harshita Chavalam
Harshita Chavalam Pred dnevom
You are an artist James ❤️❤️💜
BellishPlayz Pred dnevom
Who knew James Could Paint? (Me i didn't know-) James: It's Self Taught. hehe
Gwen Court
Gwen Court Pred dnevom
This is my 18th time watching this bc I love it
Nicole Williams
Nicole Williams Pred dnevom
Can we appreciate how hard James works for our entertainment? Thank u James!! Love ya
Robyn Sarrat
Robyn Sarrat Pred dnevom
James: "omg this is literally paint" Me: "is that not the point??"
Melanie Park
Melanie Park Pred dnevom
мне грустно без русских комментов:(
J J Pred 2 dnevi
James. You look like your brother in this.
Dana Orth
Dana Orth Pred 2 dnevi
james that is so good... amazing job
Ivan James Jimenez
Ivan James Jimenez Pred 2 dnevi
Now make a james charles watercolor 👁️👄👁️✨
Delaney Hampton
Delaney Hampton Pred 2 dnevi
James be hating on the QUEEN Hannah Montana
Addison Abercrombie
Addison Abercrombie Pred 2 dnevi
James: I am not much of a painter. Me: you clearly are if you can draw a whole eye perfect
Addison Abercrombie
Addison Abercrombie Pred 2 dnevi
James is a artist at every thing. He is amazing
all types of fun with shreya
I think I need 3 years to paint like james
President Turkey
President Turkey Pred 2 dnevi
I can’t even draw a stick figure 0-0
Tiles hop Gamer 65 Girl
JAMES CHARLES I dear you to trying the henna on your hands 🙌 and you have to looking how to use it on google or you can ask Siri ok and I want to see how it be on you hand ✋.
beatriz goitizolo
beatriz goitizolo Pred 2 dnevi
James not being able to say acrylic next thing u know hes reading like crazy good me: what the heck
Sophie Moore
Sophie Moore Pred 2 dnevi
James is so many different artists and is absolutely ACE at all of them
Rylie Jo
Rylie Jo Pred 2 dnevi
Beautiful sister ❤
Samantha Edit's
Samantha Edit's Pred 2 dnevi
ANYONE NOTICE: James's Shirt is inside out 👁👄👁
adele hunt
adele hunt Pred 2 dnevi
Hou long did you I'm turbo fully I'm my class is lice a artist but she thinks it is bad but it is very good
Barbora Zvrškovcová
MrMette1985 Pred 3 dnevi
Manos Pred 3 dnevi
Jitesh Sharma
Jitesh Sharma Pred 3 dnevi
Holy shit, I am not a fan or anything but dude you have got ✨ *skills* ✨
Yes still me Selina
Yes still me Selina Pred 3 dnevi
OK why does he keep on talking like Miranda sings
Yuleyka Jimenez
Yuleyka Jimenez Pred 3 dnevi
Bob Ross who?
Presley Williamson
Presley Williamson Pred 3 dnevi
Me just going through James Charles videos and hearing him say :Hi Sisters
Care_Marie 09
Care_Marie 09 Pred 3 dnevi
Sister James..... Your crew neck is in side out. 🤭
Fabiola Luciano Rivera
He is a QUEEN period 🙄💅🏻
Cute Girl 1
Cute Girl 1 Pred 4 dnevi
This is soooo beautiful
•Slyphiette• Pred 4 dnevi
Im so surprised james is an amazing Artists your so talented james 👏 yas shishter
ACHEIA DUBLIN Pred 4 dnevi
Im so proud as your fan sister james,ur so talented..I LOVE YOU..mwaaaaaaa..
Marlli Allen
Marlli Allen Pred 4 dnevi
Ok sister James work DIY artist 🧑‍🎨. Leonardo DiCaprio WHO??
Ava Bould
Ava Bould Pred 4 dnevi
Oh my god I love you so much James
Maggie Playz
Maggie Playz Pred 4 dnevi
wait holup- emma is my friend..
Arabella Hudson
Arabella Hudson Pred 4 dnevi
Call of Duty spatula it's a palette knife oh my gosh I'm dieing.😂😂
trinity hamilton
trinity hamilton Pred 4 dnevi
Holy Bananas!! That's amazing, sis!!
Matilda Brooker
Matilda Brooker Pred 5 dnevi
Do you Want me to get your parrot
Carly Cullen
Carly Cullen Pred 5 dnevi
That's so so good
You are a wonderful makeup artist and also a very graceful and amazing artist.
fidget_toys Pred 5 dnevi
James you are so good you are a makeup artist and now a art artist
Tessa Hayes
Tessa Hayes Pred 5 dnevi
Umm I think his shirt is inside out no hate btw
Ember Stephens
Ember Stephens Pred 5 dnevi
When I saw this video it reminded me of tik tok when they did emoji things and they made you a Crimanal and made you say I will shoot who don’t have my palate lol
andrew chapman
andrew chapman Pred 5 dnevi
am I the only one who sees that his shirt is inside out
Sophie playz
Sophie playz Pred 5 dnevi
Angela Rose
Angela Rose Pred 5 dnevi
this better be hung up in ur house
Izzy Donna
Izzy Donna Pred 5 dnevi
Sister James you are an amazing artist in so many different ways!
blackfuffypro pro
blackfuffypro pro Pred 5 dnevi
kwok kwok
kwok kwok Pred 5 dnevi
Look really nice !!!!
Jessica Webber
Jessica Webber Pred 5 dnevi
I like your hair James!
Hawwa Azka
Hawwa Azka Pred 5 dnevi
your so good at art james
Addhya Reshme
Addhya Reshme Pred 6 dnevi
He is so good artist...look how clean he works
Honestly Jordyn
Honestly Jordyn Pred 6 dnevi
He may not b able to sing but he can surly draw
Laiba Fazal
Laiba Fazal Pred 6 dnevi
james is ggetting old
Skylar White
Skylar White Pred 6 dnevi
Iss bootifu Beautiful
Eloise Haligowski
Eloise Haligowski Pred 6 dnevi
Why didn’t any one tell James that his shirt was in side out 😔
elizabeth thompson
elizabeth thompson Pred 6 dnevi
he is not a good artist . ps i love your videos
Leah Thelander
Leah Thelander Pred 6 dnevi
still should have done the North painting
Joseph Spencer
Joseph Spencer Pred 6 dnevi
James is the best artist I am a Gemini too
lacie campbell
lacie campbell Pred 6 dnevi
wowwwww why am i suprised that this is good
Prisha srivastava
Prisha srivastava Pred 6 dnevi
can i just say ... james charles is pure beauty and sunshine
Nicole Otero
Nicole Otero Pred 6 dnevi
That's really pretty😍😍😍
Panda Playz
Panda Playz Pred 7 dnevi
Omg your art looks fantastic I can't even draw well
Haf boudou
Haf boudou Pred 7 dnevi
HES AMAZING I'm literally shook since when can you paint?!
sandy mugabo
sandy mugabo Pred 7 dnevi
You are the best makupartist
Siena Booth
Siena Booth Pred 7 dnevi
Your suck a good artist!🤍
chesterliskable Pred 7 dnevi
IDK why but I’m getting Bib Ross vibes.
CJ Pred 7 dnevi
Omg he should make a new palette :0 it should be called "sister shades"
Ellen’s World
Ellen’s World Pred 7 dnevi
Omg I have the James Charles X Morphy palette
Sara Vasconcelos
Sara Vasconcelos Pred 7 dnevi
the vibes of this video reminds me so much of bob ross omg 😱
Sharon Atkins
Sharon Atkins Pred 7 dnevi
OMG how did he do that I can’t even paint a cool star
Alie Crisp
Alie Crisp Pred 7 dnevi
Is your shirt inside out???
Alivia Bartley
Alivia Bartley Pred 7 dnevi
James is the new Bob ross
Drew Campbell
Drew Campbell Pred 8 dnevi
James: I'm gonna grab a bigger bruch...
Valentine Pred 8 dnevi
Bob Ross who ? 👀
Scarlett Barrett
Scarlett Barrett Pred 8 dnevi
James you are an amazing artist
juliaa garcia;
juliaa garcia; Pred 8 dnevi
Ok, this is BEAUTIFUL I live for it! We stan a talented sister 🤧💖.
A͟V͟O̸C͟A͟D͟O̸ F͟O̸O̸D͟
4:21, oh my wow, my mouth cannot even eat that fast (and I love food ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )
Natalie Way
Natalie Way Pred 8 dnevi
This is my favorite video you’ve ever done. I am so impressed!
Shea Beals
Shea Beals Pred 8 dnevi
After watching this I feel so talantless
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