CHIPOTLE Launched A Makeup Line?! 🌯 Honest Review! 

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HI SISTERS! Chipotle recently announced that they were collaborating with E.L.F cosmetics to release a makeup collection! I've gotten so many requests to review it and let you guys know if it's worth picking up with your next burrito bowl! Enjoy!
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GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov




9. mar. 2021

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James Charles
James Charles Pred mesecem
Seianna F
Seianna F Pred 21 dnevom
@Jessica Story they have it in English it’s really good
Lins Sunkin slime
Lins Sunkin slime Pred 21 dnevom
White rice,burrito bowl is ALL
Maddison Crawley
Maddison Crawley Pred 25 dnevi
James I’ve always loved your vids and I know I only subscribed a while ago but I had a Visio idea 💡 you should show all you eyeshadow parleys
Aesthetic Jasmyn
Aesthetic Jasmyn Pred mesecem
steak burrito with mixed beans, white rice, mild salsa, sour cream, guac, cheese and lettuce!
Rayne M8kr
Rayne M8kr Pred mesecem
I get a bowl with - brown rice, no beans, chicken, guacamole, lettuce, sour cream, and cheese! Love your videos!
Diwa Mishra
Diwa Mishra Pred 5 urami
In instant influencer James said " I would've liked to see some swatches" 😂😂 to Gabriel
Aidan Banks
Aidan Banks Pred 8 urami
I'm not from amrica but......... try nandos it's soooooooooo good!😉☺😌😏
Packer fan Hehe
Packer fan Hehe Pred 8 urami
Cool beans
Nacho Amiga
Nacho Amiga Pred 16 urami
he looks like a tik tok boy at te start
Alanna Lancaster
Alanna Lancaster Pred 17 urami
I get white rice beans spicy salsa guac and steak
Alanna Lancaster
Alanna Lancaster Pred 17 urami
Kenna Knick
Kenna Knick Pred 18 urami
James hands while he talks: 🤲👐🙌👏🤲👐🙌👏🤲👐🙌👏🤲👐🙌👏
He should do a singing only makeup tutorial:p
James deserves the world💎❤️🧸
Panda Pie
Panda Pie Pred 19 urami
The make up it's beautiful like how you do the make up bautiful🤗💝
laibah zafar
laibah zafar Pred dnevom
Love how you are soooooooooo creative 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Emme Luck-Walker
Emme Luck-Walker Pred dnevom
am i the only one who just realised that eyes. lips. face spells elf??? please tell me i'm not the only one
Arianna Ash
Arianna Ash Pred dnevom
i see those plump lips the gloss is working
Roy and ralf
Roy and ralf Pred 2 dnevi
My wild World
My wild World Pred 2 dnevi
congrats jame is offficially fooooooooooooooooooooood like i wanted him to be
Marie joe Abou fadel
ur hair is insane in the video
Patrick McConnell
Patrick McConnell Pred 2 dnevi
I feel like this look is avocado and salsa
Ayla Kapoor
Ayla Kapoor Pred 2 dnevi
I really like the makeup it’s nice. But it’s sort of weird to have chipotle Make-up.
varsha tailor
varsha tailor Pred 4 dnevi
Sister your forehead is fine 🙄
bo lewis
bo lewis Pred 4 dnevi
James where's the avocados lol james is like bro give me the but end of avocado lol :makeup :eyeshadow :colour of eyeshadow red.
kailey miner
kailey miner Pred 4 dnevi
Um you need to try the spongebob pallet
trinity hamilton
trinity hamilton Pred 4 dnevi
Burrito... lol.... white rice, black beans, guac, mild salsa, steak, tomatoes, sour cream. ( ly james)
Sploonmemes78 Pred 4 dnevi
5:47 But, I like the black beans
Sarah Parker
Sarah Parker Pred 5 dnevi
James I think we all know ur secret 😳
Jehvenia Thompson
Jehvenia Thompson Pred 6 dnevi
James looks so good in green 😭😭
Averia Lewis
Averia Lewis Pred 6 dnevi
Same I don’t like beans that much
Leah Thelander
Leah Thelander Pred 6 dnevi
so good. I would get this
Leah Thelander
Leah Thelander Pred 3 dnevi
honestly i have watched this vid 3 times this week....... i've got a prob
•Weebs R us•
•Weebs R us• Pred 6 dnevi
I didn’t plan to have bad gas on my face
Rosa Cisneros
Rosa Cisneros Pred 6 dnevi
Can you do the Wet n wild x spongebob collaboration please
Jenna Hyser
Jenna Hyser Pred 6 dnevi
Please do a review on the Lizzie McGuire collection with colourpop!
R B Pred 7 dnevi
James: omg my lips are tingling!!!!
Lawson Brown
Lawson Brown Pred 7 dnevi
This green looks good on him
Its Krew
Its Krew Pred 8 dnevi
Can you do an aot make up look
kritel locatelli
kritel locatelli Pred 8 dnevi
you have to call it burritos makeup
Gustavo Mamani
Gustavo Mamani Pred 8 dnevi
El mundo esta asé cabeza proporcionan el homosexualismo
Bonnie•Kia WOLVE
Bonnie•Kia WOLVE Pred 9 dnevi
yesssssss i love it soo cute id travle with thatttttttttt love and kisses to uuuu
Lynay Daniel
Lynay Daniel Pred 9 dnevi
your hair looks so cute bby💕💕
KayJay _DasherGaming
KayJay _DasherGaming Pred 10 dnevi
Y’all... James could be an ASMRst...
Sunrise Studio
Sunrise Studio Pred 10 dnevi
I have to agree with him, black beans are discussing
Mikey M
Mikey M Pred 10 dnevi
Omg this Hair Style, LOVE IT!
jocelyn Jimenez
jocelyn Jimenez Pred 10 dnevi
Maggie Dougherty
Maggie Dougherty Pred 10 dnevi
Me watching this video: we’re on earth does he buy this, *looks literally ever we’re even in every single comment and can’t find anywhere he got it!*
Maggie Dougherty
Maggie Dougherty Pred 10 dnevi
We’re to you buy this!
wendy zavala
wendy zavala Pred 10 dnevi
alexis garcia
alexis garcia Pred 10 dnevi
I was today years old when I found out e.l.f stood for eyes lips face
Katie Sanders
Katie Sanders Pred 11 dnevi
I have his pallet and I didn’t think no beans was a color 😅 if it was they wouldn’t have been able to use it due to tread markers 🤔
Eden S
Eden S Pred 11 dnevi
James looks like that one lady from buzzfeed here
LeatherScorpio Pred 11 dnevi
All I can say is does the world need another Jared Folge?
Brooklyn walker
Brooklyn walker Pred 11 dnevi
LOL your so funny😊
Madison Andrew
Madison Andrew Pred 11 dnevi
is it just me who wonders if James immediately takes off the makeup after his videos or like does he wear it for a while???
elie andraos
elie andraos Pred 11 dnevi
You are one of my faaaaaaaaaavorite makeup artists
Isabella Gin
Isabella Gin Pred 12 dnevi
My order is: White rice, black beans, sour cream, and lettuce 🥬
Tony Rose
Tony Rose Pred 12 dnevi
I love the look ❤❤❤❤
Szofia Hávrilec
Szofia Hávrilec Pred 13 dnevi
What's happended with ur hair?
Eilish Collins
Eilish Collins Pred 13 dnevi
James you look really good in green clothes, you should wear it more often in my opinion 😉
Lakai Dominick
Lakai Dominick Pred 13 dnevi
HEAR ME OUT!!! You and Brad mundo should do a collab where he does your hair and you do his makeup..... If you have ready.... IM SORRY...
HeyNay Pred 11 dnevi
@Kat true
Lakai Dominick
Lakai Dominick Pred 12 dnevi
@Kat wut..
Kat Pred 12 dnevi
Brad don't like pedos
Richard Baker
Richard Baker Pred 13 dnevi
The sandwich emoji in the title of the video looks like a cigarette lol.😂
ifinnagetyou period
ifinnagetyou period Pred 13 dnevi
Crayola like 👀 😑🤚 yea about that....
Emma McCardle
Emma McCardle Pred 13 dnevi
how do you have friends
Amelia Dunwoody
Amelia Dunwoody Pred 13 dnevi
midari_is_life Pred 14 dnevi
James is soo pretty keep it up sister!!!
Dream Viper
Dream Viper Pred 13 dnevi
Slapshot AJ
Slapshot AJ Pred 14 dnevi
Why do I wanna......lick the eyeshadow....? Just to see if it taste like the names!
Scarlet Moon
Scarlet Moon Pred 14 dnevi
this didn’t age well
Jason Smith
Jason Smith Pred 14 dnevi
Did you get a perm...
gigi Pred 14 dnevi
Yes, he said that he got a perm to make his forehead look less bigger in this video. Plus he made a video of him getting the perm about a month ago
sour chuck
sour chuck Pred 14 dnevi
The misty money seemingly marry because lion molecularly wreck below a discreet shoe. real, grateful gratis cover
gigi Pred 14 dnevi
akane tendo
akane tendo Pred 14 dnevi
please does someone knows which lipstick in what colour is underneath the lip gloss?
G Arlington
G Arlington Pred 15 dnevi
Can you do more makeup products n vidoes please
5arahcorn -
5arahcorn - Pred 15 dnevi
Call me crazy but I think Moes is better than chipotle 🤭🤭🤭🤭 not sorry
gigi Pred 14 dnevi
Chipotle is so overrated😭
Jersey Handshy
Jersey Handshy Pred 15 dnevi
I would love for James to make a butterfly palette because of his kinda new merch. It would have a couple of blues, black,white but yea
Alexandra Roddy
Alexandra Roddy Pred 15 dnevi
FRYA Pred 15 dnevi
Claire Col
Claire Col Pred 15 dnevi
Dude you are a guy you are weird
gigi Pred 14 dnevi
No hes not...
Adriana Ice
Adriana Ice Pred 16 dnevi
the palette is so cool and suits you
Stuart Latta
Stuart Latta Pred 16 dnevi
Am I the only one who see’s his hair is on fleek!!!
Lillian Adams
Lillian Adams Pred 16 dnevi
11:14 then restart vid if you haven’t watched it
Trinity Stephens
Trinity Stephens Pred 16 dnevi
Really not us having the same order
Alina Gabrial
Alina Gabrial Pred 16 dnevi
Youre skin so flawless 😍
Alina Gabrial
Alina Gabrial Pred 16 dnevi
I love you James ❤️❤️❤️ love from malaysia
Regan Baker
Regan Baker Pred 17 dnevi
I hate beans 2
Shinam Khan
Shinam Khan Pred 17 dnevi
I never knew ELF,stands for EYES LIPS FACE 😷
emajo ruzziconi
emajo ruzziconi Pred 18 dnevi
ohhhhh James you look sooo good with a perm!
caitlin saice
caitlin saice Pred 18 dnevi
Anyone ever wonder what he drinks during or before the video? HE’S ALWAYS BURPINGGGG
Noah. Jdb
Noah. Jdb Pred 18 dnevi
Haley Schooley
Haley Schooley Pred 18 dnevi
I love your make up tutorials
RAWsawXp Pred 18 dnevi
Next time I go to Ulta, that palette is the next one to buy! (Says me who has like, 100 bucks worth of eyeshadow)
Farrah O’Sullivan
Farrah O’Sullivan Pred 18 dnevi
Love how you said ya’ll
Mae Whitelock
Mae Whitelock Pred 18 dnevi
My bowl is white rice guacamole a no beans Chiken mild salsa
Anil Ismailov
Anil Ismailov Pred 18 dnevi
✨Dua Lipa vibes✨
ixjksj Pred 18 dnevi
hi sisters james charles here 😾❤️
MANDY HALL Pred 19 dnevi
i have your palette james charles
Maeve Falahey
Maeve Falahey Pred 19 dnevi
Guys.... look at him in 2018 vids. He had a major glow up! ☺️
Squidward_Dabs Pred 19 dnevi
You should do your makeup with ONLY Avani Gregg’s makeup pallet
hi im elaine
hi im elaine Pred 19 dnevi
you're so cute
Amara Rashed
Amara Rashed Pred 19 dnevi
Omg I love chipotle.chipotle is my life!!!!!
say hi to ur husband's gf
da comment of the black man w the smiling face literally got way more likes than james pinned comment lol
Ahmad Faddawy
Ahmad Faddawy Pred 19 dnevi
Make make a video work to do that include your muscle type Alex desi Charlie
Ahmad Faddawy
Ahmad Faddawy Pred 19 dnevi
Jim Charles who is inquisitormaster his name is Alex she has the squad loved one's person named Charlie
Danilda Rodriguez
Danilda Rodriguez Pred 19 dnevi
Lavin Sabah
Lavin Sabah Pred 19 dnevi
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