Makeup Using ONLY My Opposite Hand Challenge! *disaster* 

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HI SISTERS! In today's video, I did my full face of makeup using ONLY my non-dominant hand. To make it even harder, my team locked my good hand behind my back too... this was one of the worst makeup challenges I've ever filmed so I hope you enjoy watching me struggle!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov




26. jan. 2021

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Superior chief TM
Superior chief TM Pred 19 urami
Andrea Rose Binonwangan
can we just appreciate the editing here
Beatriz Montesflores
9:37 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Beatriz Montesflores
9:16 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Leia Black
Leia Black Pred 2 dnevi
🛑⚠️I HAVE AN IDEA⚠️🛑 You should try and do a guests makeup with those 3d red and blue movie theater glasses on!
Hailey Smail
Hailey Smail Pred 2 dnevi
Full face of makeup with melted makeup!!!
Megan Roldan ( Student )
Maybe your crew members should do your makeup😂😂🤣😅
Olivia’s Life
Olivia’s Life Pred 3 dnevi
Omg!! James when you use your left hand your make up looks better than me using my right hand
Jayda Cassanova
Jayda Cassanova Pred 3 dnevi
I love you
marlie kaye
marlie kaye Pred 4 dnevi
hey pudgy can i get an owa owa for the gravy train
grace Pred 4 dnevi
“i will be right back with both eyes complete” “A L R I G H T WERE FINALLY DONE”
grace Pred 4 dnevi
james: i feel like ive just started yesterday also james literally the next sentence: Its been five REALLY LONG years
Hayden’s Nails
Hayden’s Nails Pred 4 dnevi
Can you do a vid off doing a full face of wish products plz
Hayden’s Nails
Hayden’s Nails Pred 4 dnevi
Well full face (of makeup)
Evie Rafferty
Evie Rafferty Pred 4 dnevi
he think its a choice awww can we have a video of them being petty
Evie Rafferty
Evie Rafferty Pred 4 dnevi
cause i said it then james is like alright
Jimmy Poni
Jimmy Poni Pred 8 dnevi
This video is absolutely amazing
The Hair Establishment
I think he did a loose half of his brain 🧠 challenge instead of doing opposite hand challenge He is so CRAZY 😜 sometimes!!!!!!!!
The Hair Establishment
I actually use my left hand for doing makeup........that’s probably why it’s so bad!!!! LOL 😂
Morgan Riddle
Morgan Riddle Pred 9 dnevi
Immediately unliked when he said Biden🤮🤮
Penelope _isnotcool
Penelope _isnotcool Pred 9 dnevi
Idgaf 🥰😙
BubbleTea Boba
BubbleTea Boba Pred 10 dnevi
Loving this video
Crafty Teeba
Crafty Teeba Pred 10 dnevi
James this is the pain that we lefthanded ppl have to go through almost everyday 🙈
Crafty Teeba
Crafty Teeba Pred 10 dnevi
James this is not a doing makeup lefthanded whatever , its more using one hand to do my makeup bruh
Crafty Teeba
Crafty Teeba Pred 10 dnevi
Pain ! As left handed person watching this
Family Famooly
Family Famooly Pred 12 dnevi
I was here for 3 years
zajabor /
zajabor / Pred 12 dnevi
8:35 to 8:48 was a beautiful scene that shows all of James's hard work thank you we love you
Pancho Salazar
Pancho Salazar Pred 13 dnevi
Tricksy Panda
Tricksy Panda Pred 14 dnevi
You need to learn to be abn.. I don't know what it's called😅
Ethan Rushbrook
Ethan Rushbrook Pred 14 dnevi
Asia Martin
Asia Martin Pred 14 dnevi
Asia Martin
Asia Martin Pred 14 dnevi
manon.ly7 Pred 14 dnevi
make an eyeliner with the legt hand
sophia helena
sophia helena Pred 15 dnevi
yoshida haru
yoshida haru Pred 15 dnevi
I love ur smile 😊
Kristol Trait
Kristol Trait Pred 16 dnevi
Ok but- Anthony in this video> everything else
Slytherin Princess
Slytherin Princess Pred 16 dnevi
Awwww James!!! I feel so bad for you❤️. It looked like you weren’t happy at all, but I laughed so hard when you moved and the tape ripped and they had to tape you more” pain”. Hahaha sorry that’s what my cheer sisters say to each other all the time. I am so proud of you coming this far and surviving these hard challenges and still coming out gorgeous at the end, “period sister”. ❤️
Alyssa’s darlings
Alyssa’s darlings Pred 16 dnevi
His team is a MOOD 😂
Gianna Calabro
Gianna Calabro Pred 16 dnevi
james: thinks he is not doing well me: hunny, das worse dan me, u rockin dose eyebrows my thoughts: aNd ThAtS oN pErIoD
Gianna Calabro
Gianna Calabro Pred 16 dnevi
other way around :) luv u james
Gabriella Trulli
Gabriella Trulli Pred 16 dnevi
Mochipawed Pred 16 dnevi
Jennifer Valenzuela
Jennifer Valenzuela Pred 17 dnevi
Damn James really had it in the bag when he was a host.
Fé Laenen
Fé Laenen Pred 17 dnevi
every time he films a video i just have tears in my eyes from laughing. I love him
Miranda Pacheco
Miranda Pacheco Pred 17 dnevi
2 months late but this video was super entertaining!
scarlet jackson
scarlet jackson Pred 17 dnevi
James: i'm tying my right hand Me: k, isn't that his right hand he is using? Me: confused for the whole video Then i go back to the video today now i realized . . . . ME i'm sooooo DUMB teehee
Alisha Kodibagkar
Alisha Kodibagkar Pred 17 dnevi
I just pulled an all nighter and am at the loopy stage and this video is my exact energy
Zahra the piggy
Zahra the piggy Pred 18 dnevi
James days left and right wrong LOL
Hannah _19
Hannah _19 Pred 18 dnevi
I only watch James when I’m pooping or doing my makeup 😂
Perez Seala
Perez Seala Pred 18 dnevi
Ok but James just hit an Ariana Grande note bishhhh
Jordan Pred 19 dnevi
Boys will be boys
Jessica Ellen
Jessica Ellen Pred 19 dnevi
The miracle is his team ...
CloWn tiNg z
CloWn tiNg z Pred 19 dnevi
wonder why his rights stronger then his left
Teigan Rowe
Teigan Rowe Pred 19 dnevi
Me being left handed and ambidextrous with makeup thinking why is this so difficult😂
Dummy deku
Dummy deku Pred 19 dnevi
So cool!
Evie Monaghan
Evie Monaghan Pred 19 dnevi
Audrey H.
Audrey H. Pred 19 dnevi
WHERE 👏 IS 👏 THE 👏 ALBUM 👏👏👏 ..... *cough* we need the damn album ......
Devil S
Devil S Pred 20 dnevi
My brother can use both hands I don. Know how he dose it though
Marlee Caudle
Marlee Caudle Pred 20 dnevi
I love videos like this where you can hear all his friends in the background.
lora evans
lora evans Pred 20 dnevi
right, this makes me wonder if filming is always like this for him.
ChibiTea Pred 20 dnevi
13:54 live footage of james filming a tik tok
alex torres
alex torres Pred 20 dnevi
Tegan Klan
Tegan Klan Pred 21 dnevom
Oh my gosh being left handed, literally I hate it! I wanna be right handed
Ind1go _
Ind1go _ Pred 21 dnevom
3:21 quackity dis u?
Andrea Ojeda
Andrea Ojeda Pred 21 dnevom
I’ve been whatching you sins I was 5 and now I’m 10
Jiya Manchanda
Jiya Manchanda Pred 22 dnevi
13:43 mans really said sNiP sNiP BiTcH 😂
Jiya Manchanda
Jiya Manchanda Pred 22 dnevi
the chaotic energy I can't-😂😂😂 why is this so funny tho
Madeline Burke
Madeline Burke Pred 22 dnevi
I was born ambi but I am still mostly left. Though when using scissors or a computer I can't use my left hand. It's always an adventure to see what I can do with my right and what I can't. My handwriting is almost the same with both hands.
Mido Rana
Mido Rana Pred 23 dnevi
This video gave me frat boys vibes
akshadha prabhu
akshadha prabhu Pred 23 dnevi
I just realized that James is so tall and taller than Louis
Mumthaz Kaipreth
Mumthaz Kaipreth Pred 23 dnevi
Louis - you think this SLtv video is a joke?! 😂😂
Jabez Han
Jabez Han Pred 23 dnevi
Hey James! Can you try korean makeup? Or kpop idol makeup?
Abigail Peña
Abigail Peña Pred 23 dnevi
Hi I'm new and this was hilarious. His challenges got me into his channel, but this was the best one so far! I'm ambidextrous so whatever is on the left side of me I use my left hand and I use the right hand for the right side including makeup, but tbh my left hand is better at makeup than my right hand. Sometimes I use my left hand more in general other times I use my right hand, just depends. I'm dying. 😂😂😂😂😂
Can't stop gaming
Can't stop gaming Pred 23 dnevi
hes going InSaNE
sofie shelton
sofie shelton Pred 23 dnevi
Been here from the zoo one
Julia Pred 23 dnevi
this video was so chaotic and i love it
Amanda Porflitt
Amanda Porflitt Pred 23 dnevi
8:35 omg beautiful
Lotte Dunnell
Lotte Dunnell Pred 23 dnevi
His left handed make up still looks better than my normal right handed make up 🤦😂
Enerlen Gurdavaa
Enerlen Gurdavaa Pred 24 dnevi
today is my b-day
This video should have been called Anxiety: The Musical. 🎶
Graycee Playz
Graycee Playz Pred 24 dnevi
James looks great Me being left handed and still can’t do a simple eye because I have trash makeup
VIII16-26 RUPSA GHOSH Pred 24 dnevi
I am born ambidextrous. But I am sure you can practice it if you are not an ambidextrous
PinkIcecream Pred 24 dnevi
This look will be perfect for kingsday in the Netherlands 😂 red, white blue for the flag and orange as national color 🇳🇱🧡
Cydney Hepworth
Cydney Hepworth Pred 24 dnevi
Can we all agree that Anthony is a mood?
Flopy Bazan
Flopy Bazan Pred 24 dnevi
"OMG, HE JUST CHEATED" -wraps his right hand- hahahahahahaha stop itttt😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Toph Beyfong
Toph Beyfong Pred 24 dnevi
I live for the person that edits these videos
iqsaris Pred 25 dnevi
laughing being a left-handed person. lol
Milan Retsas
Milan Retsas Pred 25 dnevi
viridi xx
viridi xx Pred 25 dnevi
outfit inspired by corpse?
Myself_ UwU
Myself_ UwU Pred 25 dnevi
I can see him making a vid of putting every make up thing on my face
Tessa Pred 25 dnevi
Me who can't even do that with my dominant hand: Yes, I agree you look terrible ;-;
Leslie Rodriguez
Leslie Rodriguez Pred 25 dnevi
The amount of tape on his hand alone tho
Leslie Rodriguez
Leslie Rodriguez Pred 25 dnevi
James: *singing* Me: He stalling so he doesn't have to do this.
Sarah Dadajanova
Sarah Dadajanova Pred 25 dnevi
love you video editor, the sister deserves a raise ))
Niamh Blackburn
Niamh Blackburn Pred 26 dnevi
1:59 I feel sorry for you James 🙏😭😭😂
Carolina B
Carolina B Pred 26 dnevi
Very much i like this vid.
Tori Weston
Tori Weston Pred 26 dnevi
I absolutely love how his team gets involved in the videos. It makes it more interesting to watch
D bunbunn
D bunbunn Pred 27 dnevi
Lol I love your makeup challenges
MacKenzie Williams
MacKenzie Williams Pred 27 dnevi
We 👏 need 👏 the 👏 people 👏 from 👏 the 👏 back 👏 to 👏 make 👏 a 👏SLtv 👏channel 👏!!!
Poppy Woodcock
Poppy Woodcock Pred 27 dnevi
That ✨harmonyyyyy✨ though
Holly Easton-Lankester
Gwendoline leseigneur
Gwendoline leseigneur Pred 27 dnevi
This is still better than anything I can do
Tushyam Panchal
Tushyam Panchal Pred 28 dnevi
8:35 this made me so proud of him!! I love you sister!!
Suzanne Nelson
Suzanne Nelson Pred 28 dnevi
Oh my gosh when he was opening the mascara I thought he was applying lipstick to the inside of his mouth and I was like, huh???
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