Reacting to INSANE Tik Toks About Me! 

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HI SISTERS! To end off this year, I thought it would be fun to do one of my favorite series, Reacting To Tik Toks About Me. I love seeing the James Charles memes, makeup looks, edits, and more! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov
OUTRO SONG: Earcandy




8. dec. 2020

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Neda Shafie
Neda Shafie Pred 5 minutami
I've heard the The virus is FINALLY gonna be gone at 2022
SimplyFairy Pred 3 urami
Honestly James looks more like a Charles then a James 😭😂😌
Sarah Payne
Sarah Payne Pred 5 urami
Iove you sister
Sarah Payne
Sarah Payne Pred 5 urami
I love you make up look today
Phoebe Cooper
Phoebe Cooper Pred 7 urami
Hi James, im phoebe im 10 and you have got me really. into makeup ,so thank you btw iv been a sister for 3 years!!!!
Ariaunna Wagner
Ariaunna Wagner Pred 11 urami
I just loovee how he goes " hayy sistass" omg James your my idiol speaking of idol...i went threw your tiktoks and oh my Fliping triplets you are so good at dancing!!!
remi jourdain
remi jourdain Pred 15 urami
hi im freche sory
Karsyn Parker
Karsyn Parker Pred 17 urami
𝚂𝚞𝚋𝚜𝚌𝚛𝚒𝚋𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚝𝚘 𝚎𝚟𝚎𝚛𝚢𝚘𝚗𝚎 𝚠𝚑𝚘 𝚜𝚞𝚋𝚜𝚌𝚛𝚒𝚋𝚎𝚜 𝚝𝚘 𝚖𝚎
Rasida Davies
Rasida Davies Pred 18 urami
Hi sister you are so scary when you say hi sisters in the sark
Kayanna Williams
Kayanna Williams Pred 19 urami
I want u to do my makeup 💄
꧁Deviled eggs꧂
꧁Deviled eggs꧂ Pred 21 uro
Omg his parents' birthdays are on the same day My parents were born in the same hospital a day apart 😂 that's awesome
Maida Mohamed
Maida Mohamed Pred dnevom
•blveskiës• Pred dnevom
His arms be like: *WIGGLE WIGGLE WIGGLE*
It’s Brooklyn
It’s Brooklyn Pred dnevom
Me not knowing James had parents until I saw that TickTock
Juliet Moss
Juliet Moss Pred dnevom
James♡: Talking about toilet paper! Me: Why the heck is he talking about toilet paper on camera!!? James♡: Oh lets stop talking about this on the SLtv video! Me: As if that wasn't oblivious..... Love you James♡☆
Lyla Belle
Lyla Belle Pred dnevom
Hi sister love u xx
Amelia P Gym
Amelia P Gym Pred dnevom
You have a iPhone 6?
idontknowhowtoeat !
Hi sister
Kay Ivins
Kay Ivins Pred dnevom
Jame is a good artist 🎨
Penelope Torres
Penelope Torres Pred dnevom
Ima girl but I hate make up and love your vids
Bella Mardis
Bella Mardis Pred dnevom
I love you’re makeup love you sister
Liyah Blossom
Liyah Blossom Pred dnevom
I lysm
Kaylee Burkey
Kaylee Burkey Pred dnevom
wait november 19th????that my b-day! itis always so hard to find someone else with the samebirthday as me! :)
gamer girl
gamer girl Pred dnevom
James that was so good bro me OH MY GOD (if you know you know)
Salma abdullah
Salma abdullah Pred dnevom
I am girl and I Learned makeup form u 😆 🤣
Lizzie Garfitt
Lizzie Garfitt Pred dnevom
ShootSweet Photography
I really want to be that good at make up when axonly rn irl you are the best person I know in the whole world I don't watch your channel because of your make up its because you make not cringe content you make the best content ever axonly like how are you so amazing
ShootSweet Photography
I love your channel like your channel is nearly the only thing I watch on you tube cos I really like your channel its amazing
Teresa Wilkins
Teresa Wilkins Pred dnevom
Hey sister
Tiana Fernandes
Tiana Fernandes Pred dnevom
Hey sis! What brand lipstick did you use??
Vedika Pred dnevom
Ummm . I don't know what to say
Naia Jones
Naia Jones Pred dnevom
me cringing at his singing
I hope you will do a colab with Harry styles!
Sky Buddies
Sky Buddies Pred 2 dnevi
My birthday is literally the day after your parents, it’s November 20th o-o
Ramanda and Destinee Conger
Omg my daughter loves u can u give her a shout out she loves u she did one of your makeup looks and it took her a long time pls she would cry in joy
Maddison Tucker
Maddison Tucker Pred 2 dnevi
can i please have a shout put you vids are the best been here since 2019
Unknown Pred 2 dnevi
This is my first time watching your video your soooo beautiful (◍•ᴗ•◍) I really enjoy watching it
Zbuggzy Gaming
Zbuggzy Gaming Pred 2 dnevi
Why am I obsessed with this?- 😂🤍 --->--->--->--->--->--->--->--->--->--->--->---> James: Looks like my work here is done-- ✨😒✨ Also James: Looks like- NOPE ... Sh, This is my role. 🙄✋🤍 James (Again): Looks like my work here is done! 👏😊
Zbuggzy Gaming
Zbuggzy Gaming Pred 2 dnevi
Can we just talk about how pretty James' makeup looks?
Itz-ssshadowwolf Pred 2 dnevi
Me watching this on Tuesday April 14 2021lol😂
Lh670 Pred 2 dnevi
No u
BOBA TEA Pred 2 dnevi
I did a comment 3 months ago can I get pinned in this one 😅
Annamarie Garcia
Annamarie Garcia Pred 2 dnevi
I'm in 2021 already
delicia__g Pred 2 dnevi
10:26 u sure bout that??
Anna Walker
Anna Walker Pred 2 dnevi
9:06 very cringe
Anna Walker
Anna Walker Pred 2 dnevi
8:45 cringeee
Squishmallow Maddy
Squishmallow Maddy Pred 2 dnevi
Talk show with Laila
Huh I have the same birthday as James parents cool
Christopher Avila
Christopher Avila Pred 2 dnevi
15😂😂come on james
Emma Cook
Emma Cook Pred 2 dnevi
you are the best
Makayla Belizaire
Makayla Belizaire Pred 2 dnevi
Love you james
Cynthia Donovan
Cynthia Donovan Pred 2 dnevi
my b-day is nov 19
Joscelynn ward
Joscelynn ward Pred 2 dnevi
I wish i could meet James
Adison Rayana
Adison Rayana Pred 2 dnevi
I never thought about his parents either lol
Parima Gholami
Parima Gholami Pred 3 dnevi
You know who's pretty? Read the first word and that's who!
Colourful Sparrow Official
9:41 did anyone else see the tear on James' face
Laura Tomasciuc
Laura Tomasciuc Pred 3 dnevi
you are a boy! no a girl!!!!!!!!!!
Santiago El Uruguayo 2
Ava Herrera
Ava Herrera Pred 3 dnevi
He said "Recreating my flowers makeup looks" and i got it suggested right at that time
Erin Beckmann
Erin Beckmann Pred 3 dnevi
2020 sucked
Max Soket
Max Soket Pred 3 dnevi
About James coming into this world in a science experiment it was probs a science experiment gone wrong. Don’t worry I’m just joking
Bienvenue Staff
Bienvenue Staff Pred 4 dnevi
Your so pritty.
Paul Whittaker
Paul Whittaker Pred 4 dnevi
Veronica Melnikov
Veronica Melnikov Pred 4 dnevi
Poo meoooooooowwww
Kristian Curi
Kristian Curi Pred 4 dnevi
Does james charles have an iphone 8
Aniyah Phouthone
Aniyah Phouthone Pred 4 dnevi
How did you do your intro like that because coco is like that too
Serenitee White Holley
Jessica Burgess
Jessica Burgess Pred 4 dnevi
I love his ring and nails
TacoCat Gaming
TacoCat Gaming Pred 5 dnevi
3:51 That run tho
Tashi P.R
Tashi P.R Pred 5 dnevi
Tashi P.R
Tashi P.R Pred 5 dnevi
Can I just say
ELLE TURNER Pred 5 dnevi
im like obsessed with your makeup and shirt rn
Adyson Hammond
Adyson Hammond Pred 5 dnevi
.....Can you see me
Elizabeth Conklin
Elizabeth Conklin Pred 5 dnevi
Elizabeth Conklin
Elizabeth Conklin Pred 5 dnevi
And you are my favorite youtuber and tictocker
Elizabeth Conklin
Elizabeth Conklin Pred 5 dnevi
Can you tell charli about me
Elizabeth Conklin
Elizabeth Conklin Pred 5 dnevi
And my friend says charli follows her
Elizabeth Conklin
Elizabeth Conklin Pred 5 dnevi
It's cheerate3
Elizabeth Conklin
Elizabeth Conklin Pred 5 dnevi
Can you follow me on tictock because my friends make fun of me
Krystina Stafford
Krystina Stafford Pred 5 dnevi
it sucks i wanna be a top
Krystina Stafford
Krystina Stafford Pred 5 dnevi
im also a bottom bc im the shortest in my class :(
Krystina Stafford
Krystina Stafford Pred 5 dnevi
Mohamad Ali Dhainy
Mohamad Ali Dhainy Pred 5 dnevi
I am not your sister
suma girish
suma girish Pred 5 dnevi
He feels soo good to see his fans do ligit make up
Cambrie Dowls
Cambrie Dowls Pred 6 dnevi
Did you say purse or do you mean man purse 11: 23
Anahi Zubia Sanchez - STEM Student
Girl-im surprised that James Charles has parents Me-🤦‍♀️
Jessica Katz
Jessica Katz Pred 6 dnevi
Purple Benedict
Purple Benedict Pred 6 dnevi
You:hey Me:hey sister hit me up Lol ur amazing and I cannot do makeup I’m learning from you
Charli D’Amelio biggest fan I love you Addison
He sound like a vcso girl and i opp
Jemma Graham
Jemma Graham Pred 6 dnevi
I love u james
꧁Cxsmic_Clouds꧂ Pred 7 dnevi
꧁Cxsmic_Clouds꧂ Pred 7 dnevi
This video is so ✨MAGICAL✨! 🖐🏼🔮🖐🏼
꧁Cxsmic_Clouds꧂ Pred 7 dnevi
Dear Editor, YOU ARE THE BEST EDITOR. Btw I not sure if your name is Ryan or not so I didn’t say Dear Ryan XD
The Scooby doo one just is not ok-😭
Lace Idk !
Lace Idk ! Pred 7 dnevi
If Charles hearts me I’ll cry
Blaclpink and Bts girl
You are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love James Charli and Addison!!!!!!!!!!!! I love sisters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ABBY. I’m a loser R
The first one was sooo good
Hela Khawre
Hela Khawre Pred 8 dnevi
GxmmyPlayzRblx Pred 8 dnevi
Poo meowww
GxmmyPlayzRblx Pred 8 dnevi
Hi sister do u remember the webcam thing that u did on another account 😂😂😂 aUhHHH
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