Exposing "Makeup For Men" 

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HI BROTHERS! In today's video, I'm trying out "Makeup For Men". I found a few different brands that all have products or lines specifically for men, so I wanted to test them out, see if they were worth the purchase or just a marketing scheme, and give my first impressions. Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov




16. mar. 2021

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Munawar Sultana
the menshape
Amelie Dupuy
Amelie Dupuy Pred uro
You should do a collab with Mattie Westbrouk from TikTok
༄cherry blossom༄
Jalissa Molina
Jalissa Molina Pred 9 urami
It’s ridiculous but the end flash back Mary dying hi sisters is hilarious 😂🤣
pinky1068 Pred 11 urami
༄cherry blossom༄
we know
queenmomadragonfly Pred 12 urami
I have a little cousin is it and he's a boy he loves My Little Pony and the color pink lavender purple if I give him anything that's blue orange or green people get upset because you didn't get pink lavender or purple
G Crafts
G Crafts Pred 17 urami
Flashback Mary😌 gets me everytime👻
Hey it's me Martha
Hey it's me Martha Pred 22 urami
Be who you are and do your way
Zazke Gaming
Zazke Gaming Pred dnevom
The thumbnail James had a Muscle
Confused Chair
Confused Chair Pred dnevom
Why they gotta call it war paint 😕🙏
Nick K
Nick K Pred dnevom
Manly makeup is an oxymoron.
Alaney Rodriguez
Alaney Rodriguez Pred dnevom
I can hook u up with my friend named darryen he loves u and ur work ;))))
Madi B
Madi B Pred dnevom
$5 every time James does air quotes in this video haha:)
Nahriana Edwards
Nahriana Edwards Pred dnevom
Make up has no limit
Sarah McKearnan
Sarah McKearnan Pred dnevom
yo its probably just "girl" makeup in different bottles p.s. James you are gorgeous.
Scarleth Serrano
Scarleth Serrano Pred dnevom
Every time I love him much more
Robyn R
Robyn R Pred dnevom
Even though there fack
Robyn R
Robyn R Pred dnevom
Ok imma be a good girl and Just say I looovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee James with freckles
Robyn R
Robyn R Pred dnevom
Apple Treehead
Apple Treehead Pred dnevom
Yo you look like boris Johnson
SOFIA AHMED Pred dnevom
I love your shirt and your hair 🥺
• [N3d.Bear] •
• [N3d.Bear] • Pred 2 dnevi
Exposing James Charles
vedika tandon
vedika tandon Pred 2 dnevi
why is makeup a gender specific thing? like anyone can use it makeup is for everyone
Hector Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez Pred 2 dnevi
Always Hatin
Always Hatin Pred 2 dnevi
shut up
Christina Joel's
Christina Joel's Pred 2 dnevi
James charles be like: *covers under eye sploge*
Jackie.montez Montez
Hcnneycxmbs Pred 2 dnevi
Everyone should stop giving stuff genders :(
LIANA DERMODY Pred 3 dnevi
"oh my gawd it kinda good!" lmfaooo
Paula Pare tupaea
Paula Pare tupaea Pred 3 dnevi
Omg wow
Paula Pare tupaea
Paula Pare tupaea Pred 3 dnevi
Omg wow
Mia Therrien
Mia Therrien Pred 3 dnevi
there is endlees creativity in james mind ive been watching kim for 2 years now and hes still my favorite youtuber
Liam Healy
Liam Healy Pred 3 dnevi
Has he seen James Bond? @1:47
mizumi Pred 3 dnevi
"lchiban lipstick for man"😂😑
Claudio Bibbo
Claudio Bibbo Pred 3 dnevi
this video sucks
GayAndProud MoveAlong
who asked
Bhumika Patel
Bhumika Patel Pred 3 dnevi
Please do make up for BTS
Samira Cloutier
Samira Cloutier Pred 4 dnevi
what do you use to do your freckles
Spanky Jr
Spanky Jr Pred 4 dnevi
I need advice is it worth it to ask my mom to wear makeup? I am a boy and I’m also 13 and I really love makeup and everything about it but idk if it’s worth it to ask her
•Slyphiette• Pred 4 dnevi
That edit looks so real 😭👏
Jolie Steele
Jolie Steele Pred 4 dnevi
Love your vids check out mine jolie steele
Scar Blackburn
Scar Blackburn Pred 4 dnevi
Ooooo this video was some sister spoiled spice 🔥🔥🔥
Tristan Tuck-anderson
girl take you hair down rf im dead lol and makeup is makeup why dose it matter anyone put it on rf
Sevenless Pred 5 dnevi
"HI BROTHERS!" all of the brotherhood: **running like a flash flood**
XxDoggo PlayzxX
XxDoggo PlayzxX Pred 5 dnevi
so he a boy and not a girl 💩💩💩
『viarrah san』
『viarrah san』 Pred 5 dnevi
『I find it funny when people complain about how fast James speaks,it’s almost perfect in face he’s the only SLtvr I can watch without feeling like I need to turn up the playback speed.』
chung yin li
chung yin li Pred 5 dnevi
Plz make kiss makup
Layla Reynolds
Layla Reynolds Pred 5 dnevi
James your freckles are popping you look like you have been on the beach all day
Phyllimore Clarke
Phyllimore Clarke Pred 5 dnevi
He's a girl
Avani Pred 5 dnevi
AWWWWW I love his little freckles they make him look adorable
Vᴀɴɪʟʟᴀ Pred 5 dnevi
I want his freckles
S_Scar Pred 5 dnevi
I think ur amazin* and there are no genders for make up girls and boys can do what they want luv ya
Juell Brown
Juell Brown Pred 5 dnevi
Hi love you
Slamacat GT
Slamacat GT Pred 6 dnevi
This things are for idiots with fragile masculinity. It's really embarrassing
Hazel Cleere
Hazel Cleere Pred 6 dnevi
James: Making an important speech about gender equality Me: laughing my head off because all i see is a face mask hahaha
Matthias Barthe
Matthias Barthe Pred 6 dnevi
you should try to make like half your face with the female and "male" makeup to see and review!
Terrance Mitchell
Terrance Mitchell Pred 6 dnevi
1:51 forehead is as big as megaminds
Christian garcia
Christian garcia Pred 6 dnevi
Nadie maxicano😮😠
James Charles biggest fan
You are so beautiful James Charles
Yveliz Tilison
Yveliz Tilison Pred 6 dnevi
Charlie ?
عبدالإله البارقي
هاي hi💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋
trishika manhas
trishika manhas Pred 6 dnevi
Hey sister, Can u do a indian makeup tutorial plzzzzzzzzz.....p.s LOVE FROM INDIA
Nahid Sarah
Nahid Sarah Pred 6 dnevi
James Charles Saying : Alright Bros....did sound weird😄 You are beautiful James. Love you.
Grace Devereux roblox
Why do you were makeup?????????
ghost clown
ghost clown Pred 3 dnevi
he might enjoy wearing it for the same reason that people draw and paint. its just painting on your face really and can be really fun :)
Turner Who
Turner Who Pred 6 dnevi
Pretty Cake
Pretty Cake Pred 7 dnevi
Katalina Danforth
Katalina Danforth Pred 7 dnevi
i thought the same when i heard martini lol
Miracle Loon
Miracle Loon Pred 7 dnevi
My little brother asked me to do his makeup this morning. And after I asked if he felt pretty he was smiling and said yes. And 8 instantly thought of you James Charles. And it made me so happy because my 4 year old brother wants to express himself
Miracle Loon
Miracle Loon Pred 7 dnevi
I used a good chunk of my makeup Rutian
MultiBunnyhunter Pred 7 dnevi
this is not good
kaimba Pred 7 dnevi
Hi victom!! 🥰
Eric J Smith MBA
Eric J Smith MBA Pred 7 dnevi
Try and speak a little slower :-)
بَيـان .
بَيـان . Pred 3 dnevi
@tay ! Fr😭😭
tay !
tay ! Pred 7 dnevi
@Eric J Smith MBA my “shows” indeed. wtf do you even mean, are you like 10 ?
Eric J Smith MBA
Eric J Smith MBA Pred 7 dnevi
@tay ! I enjoy your shows, just trying to enjoy even more thanks
tay !
tay ! Pred 7 dnevi
you are the type of person who puts a ruler under their pillow to see how long they slept for
mary miner
mary miner Pred 7 dnevi
Flashback Mary is back
101mahina Pred 7 dnevi
I think that gendering products (from makeup to clothing and everything in between) is utterly pointless. Like the other day I bought a pack of white shirts n my gf was kinda judging me cuz it was from the men’s section. Girl, it’s white shirts. It’s not like u need a dick to wear it.
Chen Pred 5 dnevi
My mom would say this to me, when I was younger I was into wearing boy clothes since they were more comfortable but I stray away from the sometimes. My mom is plus size so she goes to the male section now and she cant judge my clothing choices 😂
Kandace Bourg
Kandace Bourg Pred 7 dnevi
i love your videos
Emilio Esquivel
Emilio Esquivel Pred 8 dnevi
Daddy James
•Keirina Sakura•
James X makeup 💄
•Keirina Sakura•
Your the key to my lock Your my cherry to my cupcake Your my music to my dance Your my my dinner to my dessert Your my pencil to my paper Your my pants to my shirt I love you James ❤️
Tamar Ben-Ami
Tamar Ben-Ami Pred 8 dnevi
His freckles in this video look like they are very very painful
Melody Tirado
Melody Tirado Pred 8 dnevi
Why did I love the thumbnail for this video 😂🤣😅
L Papas
L Papas Pred 8 dnevi
Do a video exposing yourself :)
Gabi Gallagher
Gabi Gallagher Pred 8 dnevi
James we are all inspired by you and you are so kind and Considering
You Called
You Called Pred 8 dnevi
He was 15
Turner Who
Turner Who Pred 6 dnevi
Desire play fortnite
Wheres the sis mask
Desire play fortnite
For once your not using womens shit
Desire play fortnite
@بَيـان . are you from America I do what I want allow shush bro
Desire play fortnite
Wallahi shush you joke man
بَيـان .
بَيـان . Pred 3 dnevi
@Desire play fortnite ik it's Ramadan but i do what i want sweat pea🥺🥺
Desire play fortnite
Its Ramadan and your swearing Allah
Desire play fortnite
Man said I play fortnite allow it g
Elmina Pred 8 dnevi
jams u look like chasten Berber
Cheehean Ewe
Cheehean Ewe Pred 8 dnevi
You’re amazing James , love all your videos,it’s really helps me in my daily makeup tutorial,thanks,love you, keep going ❤️
cande Pred 9 dnevi
am i the only one who sees Noah going to James' hous and trying the products? that should be a video.
Zelda Nerd
Zelda Nerd Pred 9 dnevi
I love James with his adorable freckles 💕
Archey no2
Archey no2 Pred 9 dnevi
Maybe do a video where you use obly makeup thats nonexclusive? Like more inclusive brands. Not marketed specifically towards females or males
akshat sethi
akshat sethi Pred 9 dnevi
its funny how pewds is the source of this video. war paint lets go
Khaled Hasan
Khaled Hasan Pred 9 dnevi
mynamesnicole Pred 10 dnevi
I couldn't take him seriously at the start with the face mask😂
Jeffrey Joy
Jeffrey Joy Pred 10 dnevi
Loving it, would be go chance to give my boo to try makeup
Invalidz Pred 10 dnevi
I hope James gets soo much luck
Salem Foster
Salem Foster Pred 10 dnevi
Welp, Western Civilization is doomed.
Salem Foster
Salem Foster Pred 6 dnevi
@Turner Who shush
Turner Who
Turner Who Pred 6 dnevi
Only because you’re in it ❤️
aislynn chan
aislynn chan Pred 10 dnevi
4:58 mkay. -3-
Toleen AF
Toleen AF Pred 10 dnevi
Want your a man I been watching your videos for 3 months and I didn’t know your a man
aislynn chan
aislynn chan Pred 10 dnevi
Ok- but like I. LOVE. YOUR. HAIR
Diana Mitchell
Diana Mitchell Pred 10 dnevi
bob ross should of done "painting" on his face lol
Just Josie
Just Josie Pred 10 dnevi
I feel like they should change James’s hair in the intro lol
Manan Joshi
Manan Joshi Pred 10 dnevi
This man doesn't looks like a man wtf 😂
Shadowghost Pred 11 dnevi
He speaks so fast, sounds like that annoying mate at a party who’s sniffed way too much cocaine
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